Dove Point Residents Assoc.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch Program

The new name for the Block Watch program is Neighborhood Watch.

The Neighborhood Watch signs are posted at each entrance to Dove Point.

Each residence received two (2) Neighborhood Watch decals to place at/near their front & back doors.

If you would like more please contact a board member.

Block Watch Program Started Dec. 2002

Dove Point is now officially part of the Jefferson County Block Watch Program.
We had a great meeting with Officer Robert Duke from the Jefferson Co. Police Department. He gave us some great tips on safety issues. Several of the things he mentioned were to keep your outside lights on & get motion detectors. He said that they cost only pennies to operate & are great deterrent for criminals. Keep you vehicles locked & don’t leave items in them within clear view. If you must leave them in your vehicles; put them in the trunk. Keep your garage doors closed & lock the exterior doors of your home including the door from the garage to your home. Please do this even if you are only going to be gone a few minutes or at neighbor’s house down the street.

We all want to live in a crime free neighborhood. So please help by being watchful & alert to your surroundings. Know who & what vehicles belong in our neighborhood. If you are up late at night, look out the windows to see if anything is happening. Officer Duke said that if you see people out roaming around between 2-4 am call police dispatch at 574-2111. Generally speaking they are looking for trouble & we don’t want them in our neighborhood. So please call police dispatch; if possible give a description of race, number of people; clothing; height; vehicle-color-size-make & license number. The responding officer will not come to your home unless requested!

If you hear of problems in our neighborhood please email; call Gini Reckner at 297-0113 or contact your block captain. The block captain list is located on the Dove Point Website:
We want to make as many people aware as possible if we do have a problem; like in early November with the break in of 5 vehicles here in Dove Point. Most recently the vandalism of Christmas decorations!

If you have not received your Block Watch Booklet yet, you will soon!

Help make Dove Point crime free!

Posted by gini on 09/07/2007
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