Dove Point Residents Assoc.

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Welcome to Dove Point!

We are glad you are here!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at DovePointHOA@gmail.com or at one of the numbers listed below. 





Chad Bertrand, President, 502-468-9428

John Hatton, Treasurer, 502-354-3542

Beth Gillon, Secretary, 502-500-8153



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Jun 30: WM Schedule: Trash, Recycle & Yard Waste picked up Thu 30th
Jul 7: Dove Point Residents Association Board Meeting
Jul 8: WM 4th of JULY Schedule: FRIDAY July 8th yard waste & trash
Jul 14: WM Schedule: Trash, Recycle & Yard Waste picked up Thu 14th
Louisville, Kentucky 40299
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